Officers of the Union

Kim George 

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for overseeing all of the Union’s financial and administrative affairs. The main duties include: 

  • Tracking the Union’s financial performance to make sure it is keeping within the boundaries of the Conference approved budget.
  • Ensuring that the employment arrangements with the NZALPA staff are kept up to date and carries out annual reviews of these arrangements.
  • Preparing a budget for the upcoming year for approval by Conference.
  • Completes other administrative duties as assigned by the President or the Board of Management . 

The Vice President ensures that NZALPA is adequately resourced to undertake activities to achieve its objectives, in both the industrial and safety arenas.

About Kim George

I am currently a captain flying 777’s, having started my aviation career in the RNZAF. In 1989 I joined Air New Zealand, and - at the same time - NZALPA.

Along with the aviation career, I have an IT business. I studied for my computer science degree extramurally and learned database programming along the way. In 1989, in response to a growing need for computer literacy, NZALPA formed an IT committee; I joined this committee and continue with this responsibility.

In 1994 I was appointed by the BOM to the role of Systems Administrator, a position I also continue to date. I currently have a third party Database Support Contract with NZALPA. 

I am married – for 33 years now – and have 3 children.

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