Officers of the Union

Andy Pender 

Medical & Welfare Director

The NZALPA Medical and Welfare Director role covers several areas, which include:

  • Monitoring CAA, MOT and industry when rule and legislation changes are proposed which may have affect our members’ medical certification.
  • Advise members on best course of action when faced with medical problems, which could lead to recertification and or employment issues.
  • Referring members to NZALPA's specialist aero-medical advisor when professional assistance is required to regain recertification or rectify problems/restrictions on current valid medical certificates.
  • To oversee NZALPA's “Pilot Recovery Programme”, for members with substance abuse problems.
  • To oversee NZALPA's “Critical Incidence Response Programme”.

About Andy Pender

Andy Pender has been Medical & Welfare Director since June 2017. An NZALPA member since 2008, and active volunteer since 2012, Andy has honed his experience in the Medical & Welfare field by being a member of the Medical & Welfare Subcommittee, and Virgin Australia (NZ) Medical & Welfare Officer.

In 2013 he was trained as a Peer Support Volunteer with the Critical Incident Response Program course overseen that year by USALPA’s CIRP expert Captain Louise Cullinan. Andy was involved in the formative stages of the Peer Assistance Network launch in 2015, and was a PAN Co-ordinator until 2017, overseeing and assigning PAN referrals to the program’s 18 Peer Support Volunteers.

Andy is a Boeing 737 pilot based in Auckland, living in Christchurch. He's a husband to Kelly (an ex-EPMU National Executive member) and a Dad to Van.

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