Member Assistance

Peer Assistance Network - (PAN)

There are many complexities in life that can affect us all at different times in our lives. Personal matters including a death in the family, relationship issues, a teenager off the rails right through to failing a check ride or redundancy. Whilst many of these aren’t specific to the aviation profession, what is unique is how it can affect our ability to work and often our reluctance to seek help even through Company/Employer provided EAP or, even worse, seeking alternate remedies to try avoid seeing a doctor.

PAN has volunteers who maintain an ethic of absolute confidentiality in all PAN contacts. These volunteers are trained and supervised by an aviation psychologist to have enhanced listening skills and to provide a referral if a situation requires.

Correct early assistance is proven to either avoid time off work or vastly reduce the period through recovery and return to work (late intervention or bad advice has been career ending for some).

 To find out more please visit the PAN website or email