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Grant applications sought

The NZALPA Contingency Fund invites applications from NZALPA members wanting financial support for an aviation-related education or training course. 

The NZALPA Contingency Fund Trust (CFT) was established in 2004 to give NZALPA a fund which could be used to respond to a serious incident, accident, safety issue or for support during prolonged industrial action.

It operates independently of NZALPA under the stewardship of the Directors of the NZALPA CFT Trustee Company.

The trust initially collected contributions from NZALPA members, until those funds reached the point where member contributions were no longer required. It is now funded solely by returns from its investment portfolio which includes NZALPA House, home to the union and other commercial tenants, and other investments. 

In recent years the trust has offered various initiatives to NZALPA members, including scholarships for members wanting to upgrade a B category instructor rating to an A category rating.

This year the trust is offering financial support to an NZALPA member (or members) wanting to take an aviation-related education or training course, or to attend an aviation related conference or seminar, or other activity. 

Written applications must be received by the Directors no later than 31 May 2019. 

Applications should specify the proposed activity and the amount of funding sought with a detailed breakdown of costs and timeframes, and demonstrate the overall benefits to aviation safety, NZALPA and fellow NZALPA members. Preference will be given to applications which provide the greatest overall benefit to NZALPA and its members for the longest time.  

For more information, or to discuss a potential application, please contact the CFT Directors on directors@cfttrustees.com

The Directors of the trust have sole discretion in assessing applications and will provide discretionary grants on terms and conditions that take into account the purpose(s) of the application and the objectives of the trust as set down in the trust deed.  

The current Directors of the trust are Mark Rammell (Air NZ), Kevin Henderson (Air NZ) and Jeremy Thompson (ATC Wellington). Directors are elected at the NZALPA annual conference.




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