Who we are

NZALPA is an industrial union of workers representing pilots and air traffic controllers employed in New Zealand.

Our Objectives are to

Negotiate and uphold employment arrangements, afford legal protection, pursue excellence in professional and technical standards, advance and improve aviation safety, provide a voice for our members on aviation issues.

HPE High Performance Engagement


RESA Wellington Airport Runway Extension


Drones and the rules around flying them


Our Services
NZALPA welcomes members from the General Aviation Community.

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The NZALPA Medical and Welfare committee is headed by the NZALPA Medical and Welfare Director and is responsible for providing assistance to members and to provide a wide variety of member benefits.

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The NZALPA Technical department consists of the Technical Director (an elected position), the Technical Officer ( a full-time employee of the union) and the Technical Subcommittee. The Technical Subcommittee also incorporates the Accident Analysis and Prevention (AAP) group, which consists of trained accident investigators.

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Need help with an employment matter our legal department is here to help you.

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As a financial member of NZALPA (not available with associate membership), you have access to purchase professional insurances that gives you financial security and peace of mind. 

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As a member of NZALPA you have access to purchase a range of products and services at reduced rates. Mark Melhopt has been the driving force behind negotiating deals with various companies. You will find more information about the member benefits and offers in the members section.

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New Zealand Air Line Pilots' Association Industrial Union of Workers Incorporated

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