Wayne Ormrod - 2015 Contingency Fund Trust (CFT) Scholarship Winner

Wayne Ormrod - 2015 Contingency Fund Trust (CFT) Scholarship Winner

To say that Wayne Ormrod gave his A-Cat a good go would be an understatement. It took multiple attempts to schedule his test (and get it done). Due to both the weather and the demands on the flight examiner, getting a two-day block where weather was good and they were both available proved a significant challenge in the process.

On the 22nd of June 2016 Wayne was successful and as the 2015 Contingency Fund Trust (CFT) Scholarship Winner he met with Katie Rowsell, NZALPA GA Advocate, to give his thoughts on the test and some advice for up and coming pilots.

The CFT Scholarship provides financial assistance to NZALPA members who wish to upgrade their current B-Cat Instructor rating to an A-Cat rating and are able to demonstrate a continued desire to contribute to education and training in aviation. An NZALPA member of 13 years, Wayne is well deserving of the scholarship and says that the A-Cat is the toughest thing he has ever done!

Wayne’s career goals are pretty ambitious; he wants to give everything a go and to keep encouraging people to get involved. Variety is what it’s about, and of course it need to be aviation related. From GA, to the Airlines, Warbirds, and being involved with Flying NZ… Wayne is also interested in examining in the future. This will give the aviation community in Parakai a local option and allow him to assist the NZ Aerobatics Club with renewals and checks.

Aerobatics are a huge part of Wayne’s life, and how he has carved out his unique career. Wayne and his wife Kylie (aka the brains behind the operation) have worked together to create their business, XFLIGHT. Wayne gives much credit to Kylie, the business would not exist without her support and effort. His sponsors (Mediaworks and the Rock FM) give him the freedom to train and practice his craft which means constant practice and honing his skills.

Katie asked Wayne what advice he would have for people starting out in the industry, and he was adamant that he does not see himself as a conventional role model as money has never motivated him. He simply loves flying and aviation and asked himself what would he do if he won the lotto. The answer was simple, aerobatics. So he set out to find a way to make it his job. Because he is not in it for the money he doesn’t consider himself to be what most people would see as successful and stresses that if you are after money and holidays, it’s not the job for you! There are other rewards however; he has won RNZAC DM Allan Trophy for Professional Aerobatics the last seven years running, he has his own aerobatics business, and has had unique experiences being involved in air racing, television and media. The trophy he is proudest of is the NZ Aerobatic Club 4 minute freestyle, as it is judged by his peers and their feedback means so much.

Despite all his achievements Wayne remains humble and publicity shy. He accepts that self-promotion is part of the job and he will do what he needs to do to keep his dream alive, and his sponsors onboard. He encourages more people to get involved and live their flying dream, and intends to make good use of his new A-Cat in this regard.

You can find more information on the scholarship, and the application form here

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