Do you need support?

Do you need support?

Our infographic contains a list of common stress reactions and timing.


These responses are a normal human function in response to stress, and the events of the past few days have certainly been a catalyst for stress. If you, or you know of any of your peers or colleagues that would benefit from talking to a Peer Support Volunteer through how the last few days have effected you, please initiate contact through any of the channels listed below. Our Peer Support Volunteers are professionally trained under NZALPA's Peer Assistance Network, and Critical Incident Response Program. We have Peer Support Volunteers from every facet of the membership, from active general aviation staff to experienced airline pilots and everything in between. The program is overseen by our resident Medical Health Professional, Allan Baker who when needed steps in to provide added assistance.

If in doubt, or you're just unsure how you're coping pick up the phone and make a call or send a text message, write an email or even send us a Facebook message! We are here waiting willing and able to assist.

As this situation nationwide continues to evolve, let's look after each other.

Phone: 0800 NZALPA ask for Peer Support (available 24/7)

Phone/ text:

Mark Mehlhopt (NZALPA PAN/ CIRP Co Ordinator) 027 475 1709

Andy Pender (NZALPA PAN/ CIRP Co Ordinator) 027 464 4032


Or Facebook Message via

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