Medical and Welfare

NZALPA is more than just your Union. In particular, the Medical and Welfare team is very much concerned with your welfare. To this end, we have developed many benefits and services that may be of assistance to you as a member over the years to come. Hopefully you won’t need them right now but it is good to know what is available should the need arise.


Member Assistance Programme - MAP

The Member Assistance Programme (MAP) is broken into the following areas of activity, overseen by the Vice President Operations.

Critical Incident Response - CIRP

Peer Assistance Network - PAN

Professional Standards Programme - PROSTAN

Substance Dependancy Help - HIMS


Due to its confidential nature this role is usually undertaken by the Medical & Welfare Committee Chair Person or Vice President Operations. It generally consists of providing direct and administrative advice and support to members who have had their medical certificate suspended or disqualified. It also involves liaising with CAA and providing input to various employer programmes such as alcohol and drug. NZALPA also contracts a Consultant Aviation Medical Professional to advocate for members dealing with CAA around issues with getting back to work.



Non-Fiction Medical and Welfare library.

To view the books available please click here.

To check out a book email the Medical and Welfare Director at with your NZALPA membership number (this will be your library card number).  

Important information about using the medical and welfare library:

  • Any book can be borrowed for 3 weeks with the option of renewing the book twice. The renewal will be for a period of an additional 3 weeks, as long as there is no waiting list.  The maximum amount of time a book can be checked out for is 9 weeks (this includes the original borrowing period and two renewals).
  • The book/s will be collected from ALPA House, 14 Amelia Earhart Avenue, Mangere.
  • Return of books to ALPA House, 14 Amelia Earhart Avenue, Mangere.
  • Members can reserve a book by email confirming the Title, Author, Subject etc. of the books to be borrowed and including their membership number to