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Social media allows you to connect with NZALPA 24/7

NZALPA Receptionist and Social Media Coordinator Melanie Paulin.

Social media is becoming increasingly important to NZALPA’s communication strategy, as it looks to keep members abreast of industry and association developments.

New NZALPA staff member Melanie Paulin is taking the lead on ensuring members receive updates directly to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter newsfeed. The existing communication methods – website, email and Smartphone app – continue to be used alongside.

“Having a comprehensive social media presence allows us not only to instantly connect with our members, but also with interested public and media,” Paulin said.

“Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are additional platforms on which we can keep members informed and also reinforce messages around safety to the general public.”

The NZALPA Facebook page, at time of writing, has 2068 followers, and is making steady progress towards the goal of 2,500 page likes. Paulin has also taken steps to ensure the page is verified, meaning that it will appear higher on search engine results and Facebook search.

When compared to similar industry Facebook pages such as the British Airline Pilots”

 Association (BALPA), which has 5,500 ‘likes’, and the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA), which has 3,400 ‘likes’, Paulin says NZALPA “punches well above its weight.”

“On a weekly basis we post as often or more often than BALPA and IFALPA, and our week-to-week growth in engagement and followers is often greater or similar to both organisations,” she added.

“Our overall page reach, views and likes are up on the previous three months and our post engagement is reaching heights we have not seen before.”

“It really shows that our members and the general public care about the issues that are impacting the aviation industry.”

Paulin, who has past social media experience with Auckland Libraries, will increase Facebook engagement and drive more traffic to our website in the coming months, while maximising the platform’s potential to educate the public regarding key aviation issues and keep NZALPA members informed.

Twitter and Instagram pages are still “very much in their infancy”, said Paulin. However, the NZALPA Twitter account has, in the last few months, seen some good interactions with international and national organisations and industry professionals, such as: Sebastián Currás Barrios Professional and Government Affairs Officer for IFALPA, Aviation New Zealand, the Australian Federation of Air Pilots and the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Connect with NZALPA:

NZALPA welcomes your ideas and submissions for publication on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Send your photos and articles to reception@nzalpa.org.nz. We also ask you to invite your own networks to follow NZALPA online.

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