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One of the best benefits of NZALPA membership – special group insurance rate

With the holiday period upon us, many will get a chance to spend time with friends and family for celebrations and relaxation. It’s a good time to consider the future and the insurances you have in place to protect you and your loved ones in the event you were to become seriously ill and unable to work. 

Many members already have life insurance, which supports those left behind if the worst of events should happen, but, as part of NZALPA benefits, members are also entitled to group trauma insurance cover at special reduced rates. This is known as the Living Assurance Benefit and can cover members if they become ill through events such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.

The Living Assurance Benefit covers more than 30 serious illnesses. 

“Most people consider the ability to work and earn a living as their most valuable asset,” Glen Kenny, Chair of NZALPA’s Group Life Insurance Trustees, says.


  • Pays a once-only lump sum, should you suffer from a specified critical illness
  • You could put it towards paying off your mortgage, make alterations to your house to improve access and mobility, or take a family holiday.
  • Subject to qualifying criteria, cover remains in place during a continuous period of unpaid leave, provided premiums are paid*, where you take unpaid leave due to:
  • Illness or illness resulting from an accident for up to 24 months*.
  • Any other reason (e.g. parental leave) for up to 12 months*.
  • Provides cover anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, subject to the insurer, Sovereign, agreeing in writing.
  • Eligible entry ages: 16 years to 64 years.

*conditions apply including a three-month ‘stand-down’ period.

More than 1500 members have taken up insurances through NZALPA and it makes a lot of financial sense to do so.

With the economy of scale in a group environment this means premiums can be comparatively lower to other individual retail offerings in the market.

“One of the added attractions about the Living Assurance Benefit is that a member’s spouse can apply for cover, which is also paid out in a lump sum if they meet the criteria to claim under one of the specified conditions.

“Flight service operators also have access to the spouses benefit and this is at a competitive rate so is really worth considering, too” Glen Kenny says. 

Members are reminded of the rules of various schemes. For example, all schemes are required to be notified if you have lost your Medical Certificate for a period. Full details of the terms and conditions can be found in the policy document.

NZALPA works with insurance financial advisor Andrew Hay from Apex Advice Group. For members who would like more information and to discuss the cover, contact him directly on 0800 500 510 or 021 424 102, or email andrewh@apexgroup.co.nz

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