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General Manager's Note

Welcome to 2017! As one of New Zealand’s most important and pivotal membership organisations, NZALPA is becoming an exemplar among not-for-profit entities with best-practice governance a major focus for our Board over the last 12 months.

There is often a misconception that rigorous governance is less important for NGOs than commercial operations, but it is imperative that strong and growing organisations such as ours demonstrate good governance to enhance decision-making and accountability. Having robust and transparent policies and procedures in place, and a leadership group that works constructively as a team will ultimately benefit the membership and the objectives of the organisation.

It’s also important that NZALPA is seen as a governance leader, particularly to our commercial stakeholders. Not only does this ensure credibility and effectiveness, but also underpins a true professional partnership for all our ‘good faith’ dealings and negotiations. This also extends to wider external relationships with other stakeholders such as government and regulatory bodies, as well as with similar interest organisations and training institutions.
Good governance fosters proactivity, teamwork and effective solution-finding within the Board, management and membership – particularly when faced with the specific and growing challenges we expect 2017 to bring.
Succession planning, sustainable resourcing and the effects of rapid and disruptive technological change are likely to loom large on agendas and affect both our pilot and air traffic control members. Increasing competition, Open Skies agreements, along with the increased pressure from global and transnational airline corporations will also feature. 
One of the biggest challenges, especially for our regional fleets, is the impact on the professional and personal lives of our members due to the rapid growth in this market and consequent pressure on pilot establishment numbers.  NZALPA has been signalling our concern for some time, but this year we’ll be making concerted efforts to bring this further to the attention of senior management in the airlines, as we head in to another round of collective negotiations.

Whereas the public may feel the impact of pilot shortages in the form of cancellations or a potential lack of flights and travel choices, members feel the impact on a daily basis as their terms and conditions of employment are compromised, including through non-compliant rostering. Although immediate safety is not compromised, the longer term impact on pilot welfare and life balance is of serious concern. NZALPA will be stepping up work specifically with our regional network stakeholders to achieve a better balance. We’ll also be working hard with employers and other stakeholders to encourage improved job security measures, furthering industry professionalism and pursuing enhanced measures to ensure the ongoing safety of our members and the travelling public.

With improved governance in place, NZALPA is primed to deal successfully with the issues that are of the highest priority to our membership. We’re entrusted to do nothing less.

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