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Negotiations Update

Current and ongoing negotiations involving NZALPA are detailed below.  For any queries related to negotiations, please email office@nzalpa.org.nz

Jetconnect – Advocate Mark Dignan

Following the recent failed CEA ratification, the NZALPA bargaining team has completed a survey of Jetconnect pilots and is collating and considering the feedback received. As a significant restructure of Jetconnect has now been launched by parent company Qantas, a further request for information and detail from the Company, relating to the changes planned, has also been made.

The Qantas restructure of Jetconnect operations involves the release of the Jetconnect NZ Air Operator’s Certificate and the return of the New Zealand registered 737s to Qantas registration. The restructure plans will see Jetconnect pilots continue to fly Jetconnect services out of New Zealand on the Qantas Australia AOC, under the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulatory oversight.   

Higher level discussions between NZALPA and the Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA), specific to the restructure by Qantas have been initiated by senior NZALPA leadership.

Further meetings were held on 26 February to discuss the restructure, and are planned for 12 and 13 March, when bargaining will resume.

Jetstar Regional – Advocate Adam Nicholson

Jetstar Regional negotiations have concluded.  The collective agreement was ratified on the 1st of March 2018.

Air New Zealand – Advocate Adam Nicholson

Air New Zealand negotiations are still some time away, however meetings with the Company to canvas concepts and directions are continuing.

Air Traffic Control – Advocate Adam Nicolson

Air Traffic Control negotiations commenced on Monday, 19 February.

Air Freight Limited – Advocate Tom Buckley

Negotiations are scheduled to commence in March 2018

Massey School of Aviation – Advocate Tom Buckley

Members have held a base meeting regarding the approval of a log of claims and to nominate negotiators.

Canterbury Aero Club – Advocate Tom Buckley

NZALPA is preparing claims to renew the collective agreement for the Canterbury Aero Club.

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