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Negotiations Update

Current and ongoing negotiations involving NZALPA are detailed below.  For any queries related to negotiations, please email office@nzalpa.org.nz

Jetconnect – Advocate Mark Dignan

As reported in the March Uplink, the proposed new Collective Agreement (CA) failed after being put for ratification over Christmas. Following this, the members were surveyed to understand their core concerns. The bargaining team met with the Company on 12 and 13 March to present the survey results and feedback, and suggested some solutions to the impasse presented that might better meet the expectations of JetConnect pilots. The team also took advantage of the visit by John Gissing Group Executive of Qantas Associated Airlines and Services (Qantas manager for JetConnect), to meet and discuss the pending restructure as well as the bargaining.

etstar Regional – Advocate Adam Nicholson

The CA has been ratified and is in the implementation stage, awaiting signed copy from the Company.

Air New Zealand – Advocate Adam Nicholson

Pre-negotiation meetings were completed with no firm outcomes on major issues. NZALPA has initiated bargaining for a renewal of the NZALPA collective agreement with Air New Zealand, and the first negotiations meetings were held during the last week of March.

Air Traffic Control – Advocate Adam Nicolson

Bargaining has been initiated and claims and counterclaims presented. The negotiators have met with the Company twice.

VANZ – Advocate Adam Nicolson

The earliest date for Initiation of Bargaining is 15 June 2018.

Air Freight Limited – Advocate Tom Buckley

Bargaining has been initiated and NZALPA is working with Air Freight to arrange times to proceed with negotiations.

Massey School of Aviation – Advocate Tom Buckley

Preparation is completed and the log of claims has been approved. Next stage is initiation of bargaining.

Canterbury Aero Club – Advocate Tom Buckley

NZALPA has initiated bargaining for a renewal of the NZALPA collective agreement with Canterbury Aero Club.





It has been a busy month for the Air Traffic Control Council with Collective Employment Agreement negotiations commencing late February and set to continue for the next few months. The negotiators put out regular updates for the membership after each set of negotiation day. As always if you have any feedback then please email atc.negotiators@nzalpa.org.nz

Other things that have been occupying our time are the IFATCA Conference in Accra, Ghana - where New Zealand prepared and presented two papers, one for the Professional and Legal Committee and the other for the Technical and Operations Committee and PLC combined session. Ops Strategy work has also been getting plenty of attention – this
doesn’t look like settling down for some time yet.

It is great to see that Airways has now signed up to the NZALPA Peer Assistance Network programme after some great work by Herwin Bongers, Andy Pender and Kelvin Vercoe. This provides a successful conclusion to two years of work by the PAN team. It is good to see that Airways will now be making a financial contribution to the scheme.

To this end, if you suspect you or any of your colleagues are suffering from the adverse effects of stress, anxiety or periods of low mood and you or they could benefit from a confidential reach out from PAN, contact the PAN Co-ordinators at assist.coordinator@nzalpa.org.nz or call 0800 PAN 100.

NZALPA has made a written submission to the Employment Relations Amendment Bill. We hope to appear at the select committee stage to speak to our submission, particularly around the issue of rest breaks for controllers which the suggested changes have failed to address. More on this as it develops.

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