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New in-flight video to educate tourists on drone use

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is currently working with Air New Zealand to create an in-flight video that will educate tourists on how to use drones safely while visiting, an Air New Zealand spokesperson, Hannah Searle recently, told the NZ Herald.

Searle said that the video would be similar to their safe driving while in New Zealand production that has been running on Air New Zealand’s inflight entertainment since 2015.

This action is due to the increasing number of tourists putting aircrafts at risk by operating drones in no-fly zones.

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Fuel surcharges could return

An Australian-based research company, the Centre of Aviation, say that unless jet fuel prices decline, then it won’t be long before more airlines begin surcharging, reported Stuff. Internationally these additional surcharges are an over and above cost added to the ticket, regardless of whether the ticket prices go up to accommodate fluctuating fuel prices.

Air New Zealand haven’t said that they are considering bringing back the fuel surcharge. They did comment that 70% of their fuel purchases were hedged until June, and then around 50% for the rest of the year.

In other parts of the world, fuel surcharges have already begun. In Taiwan, oil prices have reached above their trigger level, forcing the Civil Aeronautics Administration to allow local airlines to raise their already existing fuel surcharge.

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2018 budget allows better resources for air ambulance services

The announcement of new funding in the 2018 Budget will allow for safer, modern and better resources for the air ambulance services, the Government has said.

“We owe it to our communities to ensure that dedicated air ambulance staff and providers have the right tools for the job,” said Health Minister, Dr David Clark.

The average age of the current air ambulance feet is 29 years, and a third of the helicopters are single-engines.

“Having twin-engine helicopters will help reduce the risk of accidents and meet stricter aviation standards.

“It is time to renew our helicopter fleet and ensure we deliver a consistently high level of service,” Minister Clark said.

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New $23 million multi-purpose facility opens at Christchurch airport

On April 27, a new $23 million air ambulance, air rescue and tourism aviation facility officially opened at Christchurch Airport.

Scoop reported the new complex is 9,000 square metres and one of the largest in Australasia. It is home to Westpac Rescue Helicopters, the New Zealand Flying Doctor Service and is also owned and operated by Garden City Helicopters.

The multi-purpose facility took two years to construct, has direct runway access, a dedicated helipad and easy vehicle access.

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