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ATC Committee Report

ATC Council awaits the recommendations of the select committee report


Air Traffic Controllers continue to await the recommendations of Parliament’s Education and Workforce Select Committee on the proposed Employment Relations Amendment Bill (ERA).

In May this year representatives of the ATC Council, along with Tim Robinson and Adam Nicholson presented to the Select Committee on why the legislation should be amended so they would be entitled to meal and rest breaks like every other New Zealand worker.

The jobs of Select Committee members themselves are proving challenging after receiving 483 submissions from individuals, unions and companies in regard to the Bill and its proposed amendments.

The proposed Bill had come to the Select Committee from its first reading in Parliament, introduced by its sponsor the Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety, Hon Iain Lees-Galloway. From here the Select Committee considers these submissions and, if required, can request further information.

Generally the Select Committee has six months to prepare its report of recommendations, however it can ask for an extension if required.

At this stage it is expected that the Select Committee will report back to Parliament in early August. Its report will include suggested amendments to the Bill and also provide explanations for proposed changes.

Once the ERA Bill is presented to Parliament it has its second reading. This is the main debate period for and against the Bill, and gives Members of Parliament the responsibility to vote on whether to accept each of the recommendations.

During this debate the Bill can also be ‘defeated’ or essentially thrown out. If successful, the Bill will proceed with voted amendments to the third and final reading, then likely next to become law.

As discussed in earlier editions of Uplink, NZALPA has had a number of conversations with Members of Parliament, both about the issues in the ERA and also wider issues facing the aviation industry. These interactions are an important part of creating an understanding of NZALPA’s position and hopefully assist to bring equality under New Zealand’s employment law for our ATC members.



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