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Negotiations Update

Current and ongoing negotiations involving NZALPA are detailed below. For any queries related to negotiations, please email office@nzalpa.org.nz.

Virgin Australia New Zealand (VANZ) – Advocate Adam Nicholson 

Progress is being made as parties work on trying to find an alternative “protection of work” mechanism that will meet both party’s needs. The Australian unions also have interests in this area, including a prohibition on VANZ pilots working in Australia, so whatever outcome we reach is likely to need their input. 

Massey School of Aviation– Advocate Adam Nicholson 

The NZALPA team has made a presentation to management about why we think ratification was such a failure and our perceptions on what has to happen to get a settlement. Management is researching what we have said, and will respond early in November. 

L3 CTS – Advocate Adam Nicholson 

Drafting continues, with a view that one more meeting may result in a settlement. 

Flight Service - Advocate Adam Nicholson 

Negotiations have been initiated with Airways for a first NZALPA collective agreement (CA) for these members. We are currently discussing dates for meetings. 

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (ARHT) - Dawn Handforth (GM)

The parties met on 1 November to discuss fatigue risk management, CA and planning. Northland Emergency Services Trust 

(NEST) - Dawn Handforth (GM)  

With the proposed merger between NEST and ARHT (forming a new entity to provide a consolidated air ambulance service covering the Northern region of the North Island from March 2019), the NEST pilots are working with the ARHT pilots as we negotiate a single CA. 

Air New Zealand Regional Airlines – Advocate Mark Dignan 

The Terms of Settlement in the last Air Nelson and Mount Cook Pilot CAs contained a provision for parties to consider what a combined joint Regional Pilot CA, within the Air New Zealand Group, could look like. In October, the Air Nelson and Mount Cook Pilot negotiation teams commenced combined preliminary scoping meetings with their employers, focusing on a set of regional recommendations that were agreed in the Air New Zealand Group Career Pathways work.




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