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New HIMS video 'raw and relatable'

A true insight into the road to recovery is portrayed in the new Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS) promotional video. 

The video, released in mid-October, focuses on the story of Brian, an Airbus Captain and recovering alcoholic. It gives insights into the strain placed on his family as he battled with alcoholism and his journey to sobriety, with the support of HIMS. 

After 15 years of using an American video, HIMS NZ decided that Kiwis need relatable context, to encourage people suffering from substance abuse to seek help.  

NZALPA Medical and Welfare Director, Andy Pender said: “One of the major barriers to aviators seeking help is that they think they are the only ones with a problem and not coping. 

“Brian’s honesty in the video will hopefully bring others out of the shadows. When people are suffering it is easy for them to think they are alone. Not everyone has the benefit of hearing the story of a person in recovery, which can act as a major inspiration to seek help for addiction. 

“This video makes the story easily accessible to everyone in the industry and shows them they are not alone and it’s ok to ask for help. It is raw and relatable. The HIMS programme is all about giving people assurance that they will be supported on the path to recovery, and that self-referral may safeguard their careers.” 

The new video has been well-received by the HIMS programme industry partners, and also by the Australian aviation industry. 

“Our hope is that the video will spark and encourage conversations about substance abuse and help people to ask for help,” said Andy. 

HIMS is a programme to help workers in the aviation sector with drug and alcohol issues. The programme has received industry-wide support from employers, unions and the Civil Aviation Authority which are all working together to preserve careers and ensure flight safety. 

HIMS is based on the idea that substance dependence is a treatable medical condition. It is modelled on well-established overseas programmes which have assisted thousands of pilots to get back to work. 

The full video and more information about the HIMS programme can be viewed on the HIMS NZ website HERE



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