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Negotiations update

Current and ongoing negotiations involving NZALPA are detailed below. Please email office@nzalpa.org.nz with any queries. 

 Virgin Australia New Zealand (VANZ) – Advocate Adam Nicholson 

Negotiations have paused while we consult with other interested parties in Australia. Resuming early December. 


Massey School of Aviation – Advocate Adam Nicholson 

No new offer from Massey University since the ratification failed unanimously. We met with flight instructors on 16 November to discuss options. 


L3 CTS – Advocate Adam Nicholson 

A ratification ballot was due to commence on 30 November, subject to the review of wording issues. 


Air New Zealand Regional Airlines – Advocate Mark Dignan 

The terms of settlement in both the Air Nelson and Mount Cook Pilot Collective Agreements (CA) specify that the parties will investigate a combined Air New Zealand Regional Pilot CA.

The Air Nelson and Mount Cook CAs expire in May 2019. There are now 35 days of meetings booked for the coming months, which will enable NZALPA and management to begin work on a single replacement contract. 

In the lead-up to Christmas, preparation includes planning for base meetings and calling for remits from members. Remits will be included with the regional recommendations agreed in the Air New Zealand Group Career Pathways work. 


Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (ARHT) and Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST) - Dawn Handforth 

Negotiations were scheduled to occur on 15 November with the chief executives of both ARHT and NEST. These have temporarily been put on hold due to health and safety concerns raised by ARHT employees with the ARHT Board. A complaint to the ARHT Board by NZALPA, concerning Employment Relations Act breaches, also needs to be addressed. 

On the technical side, Greg Fallow continues to provide expert Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) advice as both trusts attempt to finalise the FRM scheme for the proposed merged entity. The CAA deadline for this is 31 March. 


Airways Flight Service – Advocate Adam Nicholson 

Negotiations with Airways Corporation commenced 29 November. 


Airways Air Traffic Controllers – Advocate Adam Nicholson 

A settlement has been reached, which will be discussed with members at upcoming meetings. A ratification ballot to follow in due course.



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