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Holiday Greetings from the Medical and Welfare Director

Andy Pender - NZALPA Medical and Welfare Director

It's been another busy but rewarding year for the Medical and Welfare Team at NZALPA. The subcommittee now has the broadest representation seen in recent years, which is exceptionally pleasing. All our major employee groups are now represented by a Medical and Welfare Officer, although we are still hoping for a representative to appear from the General Aviation fraternity - a vacancy I would dearly like to see filled so we can ensure our important General Aviation members are adequately represented.

This year we’ve seen the release of new industry offers for members, such as the offer from Log Ten Pro with their electronic logbook, and financial advice and fixed price accounting services from Grant Thornton and Elevate accountants.

During the year, we were advised of a couple of issues with our Accor and Europcar deals; thank you to those members who warned us of these problems. While we are working to resolve those issues, I am pleased to advise we secured our member rate at the Ibis Auckland Airport for another year at $99 per night (fully changeable and cancellable). 

We will also roll out a banking offer for members from one of the four major banks over the next few months, so watch this space. The full list of member offers is available on our website www.nzalpa.org.nz, click the members tab, then member offers on the left pane after logging in.

On the Peer Assistance Network (PAN) front, our peer support volunteers have been kept busy with referrals from colleagues. It is always heartening to see members looking out for members. The holiday season creates unique stressors for some. Your PAN team is available right through the holiday period and is ready for a conversation if you think you or a fellow member would benefit from it. A confidential referral to a peer support volunteer is available by contacting the PAN Co-ordinators on 0800 PAN 100 or emailing them at assist.coordinator@nzalpa.org.nz.

The HIMS team has now released its video on their website at www.hims.org.nz. I encourage you to view this, and if it raises questions about your, a colleague, or a loved one’s drinking, to give the HIMS team a call. Their contact details are on their website.

Also, on the topic of alcohol, our friends at Alcohol Drug Technology (ADT) have once again extended their holiday special to our members. Our 10% discount code is active once again from today through to January, offering a discount on their top-selling breathalyser the Wingmate Pro. This gives an added layer of insurance, particularly to those members operating in and around Australia where we have been advised that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority has increased the frequency of their random ramp-testing regime.

Wishing you all an enjoyable holiday season. I hope you get some time away from the aeroplane, radar centre and control tower to enjoy the summer with your friends and family at some point. To those of you, like me, that will be flying or controlling at some point please do so safely.



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