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Communications survey results revealed

NZALPA will be implementing new improvements as to how we communicate with members following the communications survey, which ran from 6 to 20 September. 

We undertook the survey to gauge whether members value the communication tools currently in place, namely the NZALPA app, Uplink magazine, social media channels and NZALPA’s media outreach; and were very impressed with the response rate from members. 

Results of the survey showed that 88% of respondents read Uplink magazine, with 50% adding that they prefer reading the magazine in the comfort of their home. Over two-thirds of respondents (67%) have seen NZALPA feature as an active voice in the media in the last three months. However, most respondents (79%) are not currently connecting with NZALPA on social media.

The survey questions focused on members’ satisfaction around the type of stories they’re reading in NZALPA’s magazine, app and social media channels, as well as our visibility as a strong industry voice in the news. We’ve heard what you have to say, and thank all 718 respondents for taking the time to help us improve our service to you. 


Survey results at a glance

  • 47% of respondents sometimes use the NZALPA app. 
  • 88% of respondents read Uplink magazine. 
  • 50% read Uplink at home. 
  • 83% read Uplink online.
  • 67% of respondents have seen NZALPA feature in the media in the last three months. 
  • 79% of respondents are not connected with NZALPA on social media.

Respondents want added functionality on the app 

Over 47% of respondents sometimes use the NZALPA app. Many respondents were having difficulty downloading and logging into the app, while others commented that the app doesn’t work on certain tablets. We recently updated the app to become tablet-friendly on both android and iOS operating systems.

There were a large number of requests for us to make Collective Agreements (CAs) available on the app. We are currently doing this. 

Board of Management (BOM) and Council minutes are a feature respondents would like to see on the app. We will start uploading the BOM minutes following the November Board meeting. Individual Councils will make a decision regarding their minutes. 

BOM and Council minutes will be added to the minutes section in the app and CA’s will be added to a documents section in the app. In the documents section we have increased searchability and all documents have the option to be available offline.

Respondents also requested the app include a forum for members to chat. We have passed this feedback onto app developers as a potential addition for future releases. We are also considering including a tab with medical and welfare/medical assistance on the app. 

Respondents would like to read Uplink articles offline 

 We’re glad to see that most respondents value the articles and advice they read in Uplink magazine. We received some great feedback on the topics you would like included and will take this on board. 

Many added that they would like Uplink to be available offline, and so we’ve made sure the magazine is available to download and read offline. The links to do so are available on the website and app. 

Also, a significant number of people commented that it’s not possible to read the Uplink magazine as a whole with only the emailed links. As a solution, we’ve ensured that you can read Uplink as a whole magazine online both as an e-zine and downloadable PDF document. 

NZALPA’s public profile 

The majority of respondents (72%) are satisfied with NZALPA’s strong industry voice in the media. Some of the key topics respondents would like to see us discuss more include collective bargaining, drone registration and safety issues, and atypical employment/contract issues. 

Social media 

We are working on growing our social media presence. The results of the survey were enlightening for us and we found out most members did not realise we had a Facebook page. 

The purpose of our social media is to engage our members and also to educate members of the public about our key issues. 

The NZALPA facebook page can be found here https://www.facebook.com/NZALPA/

If you have any other feedback, or would like us to add anything else to the NZALPA app, Uplink magazine or social media pages please contact, please contact Social Media Coordinator Melanie Paulin communication@nzalpa.org.nz.


How to log onto NZALPA app

The login for the app is different to that for the website. If you have never logged into the app before the login for the app is as follows: 

  • Your username is your NZALPA ID
  • Your password is the first four letters of your surname, with a capital on the first letter, and then your NZALPA ID. 

Both the app and website have “forgot password” buttons, which send out an email to you. For any help with the above contact office@nzalpa.org.nz.


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