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Negotiations update

Current and ongoing negotiations involving NZALPA are detailed below. For any queries related to negotiations, please email office@nzalpa.org.nz 

Virgin Australia New Zealand – Advocate Adam Nicholson 

NZALPA and VANZ are still working constructively to develop an acceptable way to access improved productivity through the NZ and Australian operations sharing the work more sensibly, without either NZALPA or the Australian unions (AFAP and VIPA) suffering a negative impact on conditions and job security (VANZ pilots hold sole rights to fly the Tasman and to some other destinations; Virgin Australia pilots have sole rights to fly internal operations within Australia).  A joint management, NZALPA, AFAP and VIPA meeting provided some useful clarity to the possibilities of rationalisation. These issues were further teased out at a NZALPA/VANZ negotiation meeting 29 – 31 January.  A new, without prejudice, conceptual structure and pathway to greater integration was developed on 31 January. This is being considered pending the late February negotiations meeting, at which time the company will also present more developed modelling of the cost differentials between the VANZ CEA and the Australian EBA. 

Massey School of Aviation– Advocate Adam Nicholson 

Massey University’s “full and final offer” was unanimously rejected by the pilot membership in October 2018.  The key issues related to appropriate staffing levels (shortage of B Cat Instructors), recruitment and retention issues, and the fact that pay rates had fallen behind the rest of that sector of the industry.  A subsequent meeting in December to try to find a way around the shortcomings of the offer failed as Massey refused to make any new offer.  Strike action (a refusal to work outside the hours of 0800 to 1630 Monday to Friday with a one hour lunch break, and then a refusal to work weekends) took place through late December and all of January.  MBIE offered mediation and Massey refused to participate on the basis that all of their management staff were on holiday through late December and most of January.  Massey has now agreed to meet for further negotiations on 11/12 February.  Further strike action is currently on hold pending progress at the next negotiation meetings.

L3 CTS – Advocates Adam Nicholson and Joy Walpole Leva’a 

On 7 January the parties reached a settlement (subject to ratification).  L3 management’s ratification policy is that sign-off is required from the appropriate manager in the UK.  Ten days later, the NZALPA negotiating team was advised that the UK required significant changes in the areas of promotion/progression procedures, Leave Bank, sick leave and pay for senior B Cat instructors.  We were also advised that this was now the company’s final position.  A member meeting on 25 January decided that the new offer was unacceptable and that the “clawbacks” needed to be reinstated if the CEA was going to be acceptable to members in general terms and also if the company’s recruitment and retention problems were to be addressed.  Both parties are now considering how to address the issues and we anticipate a further negotiation meeting will be held soon. 

Airways Air Traffic Control – Advocate Adam Nicholson 

The ATC ratification ballot closed on Tuesday 29 January and the CEA was ratified.   Work is continuing on improving relationships between management/union and employees, and their interactions. 

Airways Flight Service – Advocates Adam Nicholson and Joy Walpole Leva’a 

The third day of negotiations will be held on 15 February to continue looking at a structure for a document that addresses two work places and two different job descriptions.  This will include determination of which provisions can be common to both groups and which need to continue to be different. 

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (ARHT) and Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST) – Advocates Adam Nicholson and Joy Walpole Leva’a 

Work is being done to finalise the negotiation team and the claims that will be put forward to negotiate a first collective employment agreement. 

Air Nelson and Mount Cook Single Regional Air New Zealand CA Project (RANCAP) – Advocate Mark Dignan 

Air Nelson and Mount Cook teams are now working with their management to create a draft single Regional Pilot Collective Employment Agreement. Before Christmas, Air Nelson and Mount Cook decided to let the current agreements run until their expiry in May 2019, and not to exercise early expiry clauses. The two Air New Zealand regional Pilot Councils are now holding regular combined meetings. The Councils are committed to a strong relationship and a single regional collective that will enhance terms and conditions for the 600 pilots, while also providing gains for the Air New Zealand Group.



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