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NZALPA to host prestigious IFATCA event

More than 100 senior air traffic controllers and ANSP/CAA personnel from around Asia and the Pacific will gather in Wellington in October for the region’s annual International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (IFATCA) conference.

The conference, which was held in Mongolia last year, will take place at the Amora Hotel in the Capital from 19-21 October.

NZALPA is thrilled to be organising the prestigious event and welcoming colleagues from around the region.
“Being able to host this kind of event shows how seriously the ATC world considers New Zealand’s input into the global aviation scene,” NZALPA ATC Director Jonathan Brooks said.

“Having the conference here means there is an open invite for all of our local members to attend daily sessions – a chance for them to grow their networks and talk about the pressing and important issues the industry is facing.”
Key subjects for discussion this year include dealing with change due to advances in technology, including the ever-increasing use of automation.

“The international conferences allow our profession to share standards, ideas and solutions, and we predict this one will be the best yet.”

 “Some of New Zealand’s most senior ATCs have had opportunities to influence international policy with ICAO [International Civil Aviation Organisation]. This conference presents further opportunities for our NZALPA ATC Council local members to contribute their opinions and have a real say in our profession,” Brooks said.
“It’s important New Zealand aviation remains known as a leader and a partner for countries that require our support and guidance.”

  • More information about the upcoming conference will be online and included in future Uplink updates.
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