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NZALPA stands by Jetstar pilots

NZALPA is supporting our Jetstar regional pilot members following the announcement that Jetstar proposes dropping its regional Q300 turboprop services in New Zealand on 30 November. 

The proposal does not affect Jetstar’s New Zealand domestic and international jet services. 

Jetstar has operated regional flights in New Zealand for four years and employs 50 pilots in New Zealand.  

Gareth Evans, Jetstar’s Chief Executive Officer, said in a company media statement that the proposal to withdraw the airline’s regional flying was based on the operation continuing to be loss making combined with higher costs and a softening of the regional travel market. 

“The New Zealand regional market is facing some headwinds, with softer demand and higher fuel costs and we don’t see the outlook changing any time soon. As a result, we’re announcing a proposal today to end our regional services, with the final flights on 30 November this year,” said Mr Evans. 

“We have given it a real go. However, despite four years of hard work, including becoming the most on-time of the two major regional airlines and having high customer satisfaction, our regional network continues to be loss-making.”

If the proposal goes ahead, Jetstar is looking to redeploy pilots within the Qantas Group, either here or in Australia. Redundancy would be available to pilots who did not accept redeployment. 

NZALPA’s focus is on supporting its members through this challenging time. It is engaging with the company during the consultation phase, which ends on Friday 11 October. An outcome on the proposal is expected on or about Wednesday 16 October.



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