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Negotiations update

Current and ongoing negotiations involving NZALPA are detailed below. For any related queries, please email office@nzalpa.org.nz.

AIR FREIGHT – Advocate Joy Walpole-Leva’a 

The negotiating team is pleased to confirm that the Air Freight collective agreement was ratified on 1 November 2019. Thank you to everyone who assisted in preparation and during the negotiations. The term of this agreement is one year, so we look forward to beginning negotiations again next year.


TASMAN CARGO – Advocate Adam Nicholson

On the first day of negotiations the company suggested that anyone who held a position other than line pilot was management and should be excluded from coverage of the collective agreement (CA). In effect, this meant that out of seven pilots, only two would be covered by the new CA. After two days of negotiations we reached agreement on the coverage clause – the only pilots excluded from coverage will be the Manager Flight Operations, the Chief Pilot and the Head of Training. The total pilot complement is soon to increase to at least nine. Negotiations continue. 


HELICOPTERS NZ – Advocate Adam Nicholson 

After two days of very constructive discussions we are working through the details of a new, significantly improved, salary structure and also a proposed new roster system where pilots will work 24 days on, followed by 24 days off. This is proving quite challenging as it is something completely new in New Zealand. 


AIRWAYS FLIGHT SERVICE – Advocate Adam Nicholson 

Negotiations to bring the Auckland Air Ground staff into the new, recently negotiated, Airways NZALPA Flight Services Collective Agreement were due to begin at the end of November.


Upcoming negotiations 

• Air New Zealand Simulator Instructors: December 2019/ January 2020 

• Jetstar: March 2020 

• CAC: March 2020

• VANZ: August 2020



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