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Diverse backgrounds and experiences of our new staff

A French legal advocate who can play the bagpipes, a newly-emigrated South African receptionist, a solicitor who is also a marriage celebrant, and a legal secretary from the Ministry of Justice – these are the new faces at NZALPA. 

Legal advocate Rachel Piriou moved to New Zealand from France earlier this year. The employment law specialist is embracing the aviation world and opportunity to provide advice on a wide range of individual and collective issues.

“This role is unique as I can be involved in the negotiation process from beginning to end, and liaise directly with the members – which is important for me as I prefer not to stay behind the scenes,” says Rachel. 

“NZALPA has a great legal team that cares about working together and exchanging ideas to provide the best advice to members. I have already been part of negotiations, which is an amazing way to learn about the interest-based bargaining process.” 

A little known fact is that Rachel is passionate about Celtic culture. “When I was younger I played the bagpipes and was part of a Celtic dance group which performed at festivals around Brittany,” she says.

“I had the chance to attend a recent Ceilidh (traditional Celtic gathering) in Auckland, which reminded me of the music events where I used to go when I was younger.” 

NZALPA’s legal team has also welcomed solicitor John Hall and legal secretary Celia Gibson.

John was attracted to the role as he believes NZALPA is “one of the most proactive and reputable unions in the infrastructure sector”. 

“My objective is to continue developing the standing of NZALPA as a leader in providing quality labour law services to its members.” 

The first 12 months will be spent building a rapport with members, says John, who is also an independent marriage celebrant and fluent in the Korean language.

“I think it will take me a year, at least, to get a proper rapport with enough members to understand where they see the industry going and what their needs are. A lawyer can be full of bright ideas but without understanding the client’s position they are not much use.” 

Legal secretary Celia Gibson joins NZALPA from the Ministry of Justice. She was attracted by the opportunity to be part of a team working towards the same goal.

“I saw a chance to contribute my skills and experience in a useful way, to everyone’s benefit – our staff, members and, following on from that, the public generally,” says Celia. 

“I enjoy problem-solving and potentially I believe there is the opportunity to improve operations generally, although I expect this will take time to work through and will require input from others. That will be the biggest challenge and I am still absorbing how things work close at hand. 

“But watch this space.”

Meanwhile, when you phone NZALPA or visit the office you will be greeted by new receptionist Carina Pretorius. Carina and her family emigrated to New Zealand from Cape Town in South Africa earlier this year, seeking a better future and work-life balance. 

While the aviation industry is new to Carina, she is enjoying the challenge.

“Every day I am learning new and interesting things about this field, and enjoy meeting our members and dealing with their daily needs.” 

Carina has two teenage children and a beloved French bulldog called Poppy.

L-R: John Hall, Rachel Piriou, Carina Pretorius and Celia Gibson.



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