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The New Zealand Air Line Pilots' Association Newsletter. As of April 2020 Uplink ALPA is a 6-monthly publication.

Photo highlights of the year

L-R Outgoing President Tim Robinson, Hon Phil Twyford,
Incoming President Andrew Ridling at the NZALPA Conference.
Outgoing President Tim Robinson, Life membership recipient
Keith Pattie (centre), and Incoming President Andrew Ridling at
the NZALPA Conference.
Medical and Welfare Director Andy Pender (left), Stewart
Cameron Memorial Award recipient Mark Mehlhopt and
Deborah Cameron at the NZALPA Conference.
Greg Vujcich Memorial Award recipient Desmond Lines and
Joan Vujcich at the NZALPA Conference.
L-R: Hon Phil Twyford with NZALPA’s outgoing President Tim
Robinson, Technical Director Hugh Faris and Senior Technical
Officer Dave Reynolds at the NZALPA Conference.
Hon Phil Twyford (left) with NZALPA ATC Director Kelvin Vercoe
at the NZALPA Conference.

Hon Phil Twyford speaking at the NZALPA Conference.
The United States Air Traffic Controllers Association
Communicating for Safety Conference.
NZALPA’s winning men’s veteran team at the Coast to Coast finish
line (from left) Andrew Ware, Tim Robinson and Sven Zaalberg.
Marcia Bueno (Fonterra) presenting Herwin Bongers with his
judge’s commendation at the New Zealand Workplace Health
and Safety Awards.
Representatives of all six Global Air Traffic Controllers Alliance
labour unions at one of the two public forum panels at the
World Air Traffic Management Congress. L-R Paul Winstanley
(President of The Alliance and ATCO Chair), Paul Rinaldi
(President, NATCA), Kelvin Vercoe (NZALPA’s ATC Director),
Peter Duffey (President, CATCA), Tom McRoberts (President,
Civil Air), and Alfonso Galan (President, USCA).
NZALPA Medical and Welfare sub committee members packing
2020 NZALPA diaries ready to send out to members.

Air Traffic Control Global Alliance Panel at the NZALPA
Conference L-R: Kelvin Vercoe (NZALPA), Peter Duffey
(President of CATCA), Paul Rinaldi (President of NATCA), Trish
Gilbert (Executive Vice President, NATCA) and Tom McRobert
(President, Civil Air).
L-R: Rob Walker (Group Manager of the Stakeholder
Engagement Group at CASA) Andy Pender (NZALPA Medical and
Welfare Director) and Mark Sullivan (Head of Client Services
in the Stakeholder Engagement Division at CASA) at a HIMS
seminar in Sydney.
L-R: Angela Cronin (ATR captain), Janet Taylor (Christchurch
tower controller), Thyra Bloam (A320 captain) and Hiria Rae
(Air New Zealand pilot manager) at the PAN WAF stand at the
Omaka airshow.
PAN Peer Support Volunteer Training at ALPA House.
Attendees at IFALPA’s Female Pilots Working Group in Vienna. NZALPA’s Janet Taylor (standing eighth from left) and
Angela Cronin (standing sixth from right).
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