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The 2020 Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School

For more than 50 years, scouts and guides from around the country have attended the annual Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School to learn flying skills. Places at the two week training camp are keenly contested and this year’s camp had a waitlist of those who missed out on initial selection. 

Many NZALPA members – airline pilots, air traffic controllers and instructors – have provided flight instructor and air traffic control services at the training camp over the years. 

The course starts at the very basics of learning to fly for its students - who have minimal or no previous flight experience. Those who enjoy the experience can apply to return for a second year, and some students have enjoyed it so much that they’ve gone on to have a successful career in aviation. 

The flying school is named after Leo and Vivian Walsh, pioneer New Zealand aviators who designed and built aircraft and taught aviation skills. In 1911 the brothers built and flew a British Howard Wright biplane, and then designed and built a flying boat. In 1915 they established the New Zealand Flying School at Mission Bay in Auckland, where many military and civilian pilots trained until 1924.


Students who have done their first solo being soaked by those who flew their first solo at the previous year’s camp.

The Royal New Zealand Air Force Black Falcons aerobatic display team provide a display on family day at the flying school.

Airways staff with their children who came to the flying school from across the country.



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