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Christmas Message – NZALPA Group Insurances, Glen Kenny

NZALPA Group Insurances

As we lead into the festive season and the end of the calendar year it seems normal activity to take stock in our lives, both fiscally and from a wellbeing point of view.

As directors of the NZALPA Group Insurances Trustee company, it is our job to negotiate professional insurances under the best possible terms and conditions for NZALPA members, staff and their partners. We are not legally permitted to offer financial advice on the products we facilitate so we can’t help you with the fiscal stocktake item. That can only be done by an authorised Financial Advisor and we thoroughly recommend you consult with one if you haven’t already.

From a wellbeing point of view again, there are many professionals available that can, and should be, consulted to assist you with that stocktake item.

What I can offer, though, is a reminder of what the most important commodity in our lives that we all seem to constantly under value ... time. 

One of the very humbling experiences entailed in my role as trustee of the NZALPA Group Life Insurance is to facilitate the Terminal Benefit payment for a living member. Typically, I know the member involved and, as
it happens, the last one was a good friend. His name was Kevin Henderson. 

It is hard to articulate the range of emotions experienced in the task. You get to see the member at both their worst and best.

Worst in as much as the member is experiencing the worst phase of their lives, confronting their own mortality.
Best because, in my experience, this phase brings out the best in the member concerned. It helps them knowing the benefit has already been paid; that their whānau that they are leaving behind have some financial security to make this phase that much easier.

Kevin was no different. He worked hard in actually trying to make the process easier for his family and friends. He made sure we all got to say goodbye and come to terms with the looming event as best we could.
It was typical Kevin. Although his situation was dire, he got comfort out of knowing that we were all in as good a place as we could be.

As always happens when I do this particular job, I am reminded of what really matters in life ... time. In particular, making the most of the time you have.

My parting festive season message then, on behalf of my fellow directors, is to ensure you make this the season to connect with the people that matter to you.

Merry Christmas.

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