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NZALPA informs and inspires potential pilots at Omaka Airshow

Medical and Welfare Director Elect Andy Pender and Senior Technical Director David Reynolds.

Current and former pilots, air traffic controllers (ATCs), pilots in training, aviation enthusiasts and members of the public gathered in their thousands for Easter weekend’s Omaka Airshow.

Representatives from NZALPA took part in the event to raise awareness of the organisation and discuss key issues with NZALPA members.  NZALPA staff also reached out to a strong contingent of training and prospective pilots and ATCs.

“The show gave us a great opportunity to build profile around the role of NZALPA and have some quality discussions with both experienced and younger aviators,” NZALPA Advocate, Tom Buckley said.

“It was a chance to explain who we are, what we do, and how we are currently influencing and affecting change in the aviation industry.”

Helicopter pilots were in attendance too, with many showing interest in NZALPA’s General Aviation offering.

NZALPA’s show stand was alongside the CAA, Air New Zealand, Women in Aviation and the Warbirds over Wanaka teams.

“It was a fantastic day to join other industry stakeholders, celebrate aviation, take part in the key discussions our industry faces, and inspire young enthusiasts to pursue a career in aviation,” Buckley said.

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