NZALPA's Submission on the Extension to the International Airfreight Capacity (IAFC) Scheme

On 22 March 2021, the government announced the extension to the International Airfreight Capacity (IAFC) Scheme, involving the injection of a further $170 million into aviation to support airfreight connectivity. 

In February, NZALPA engaged with the Ministry of Transport on the extension of the Scheme, and subsequently the Ministry welcomed a submission from NZALPA to Cabinet in support of the extension. We drafted a comprehensive submission, resulting in NZALPA’s positive view of the Scheme being put forward and our views used to push for the Scheme’s extension at Cabinet.  

This is just one of the ways that we have been working behind the scenes to prevent further job cuts, enhance the prospects of those members who have been furloughed or made redundant, and support the aviation recovery in the longer term.

 NZALPA is thrilled with the decision to extend the scheme – which will now be renamed the Maintaining International Air Connectivity (MIAC) Scheme to reflect the recovery phase of the pandemic.

Our submission can be read HERE.