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Revamped Website Launched To Mark 40th Anniversary Of Erebus

Wednesday 27 November 2019

The New Zealand Air Line Pilots’ Association (NZALPA) has revamped the website to mark the 40th anniversary of the Erebus disaster.


The website is a comprehensive source of information about the disaster and the events that followed. It is dedicated to the 257 passengers and crew who lost their lives in the crash and aims to ensure they are never forgotten.

NZALPA hosts and maintains the website which has now been fully redesigned, modernised and made more user-friendly. There is a new ‘latest news’ section which highlights the latest Erebus media coverage; and a new guestbook where visitors can share their memories and reactions to the disaster. 


The site will be kept updated with the latest news and events, such as developments with the national Erebus Memorial.


NZALPA President, Captain Andrew Ridling, says the Erebus legacy has been with him throughout his aviation career. “I’ve worked alongside inspiring colleagues and fellow NZALPA members who followed family members into the industry, despite losing them so tragically on that fateful day in Antarctica,” he says.


“One of NZALPA’s lasting legacies is the incredible effort the association put in to protect colleagues and their families, their worker’s rights and their professional reputations in the tumultuous months that followed and from unfair conjecture and blame.” 


Captain Ridling will be one of the speakers at the commemorative service at the Erebus Crew Memorial Garden at Auckland Airport on Thursday afternoon. 

Media contact: Linda Harrison 027 444 0996 

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