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New Zealand Pilots Plan For A Positive Future

Tuesday 31 March 2020

The New Zealand Air Line Pilots’ Association (NZALPA) urges all in the aviation industry to work together to keep jobs here rather than lose highly skilled New Zealanders to international markets once the recovery starts.

“We need to keep looking forward and be realistic – this is about planning ahead while still preserving as many jobs as  possible and keeping food on the table,” said Captain Andrew Ridling, NZALPA President. 


“We have to accept that we will lose good people and their families from our tight knit community, but this is an unprecedented and painful situation that requires a unique approach.


“We accept that Air New Zealand needs to be at least 30% smaller to remain viable.  We also accept that the workforce needs to shrink to match this, even if only in the short to medium term. Job losses will impact every level of aviation, including our pilots.” 


“It’s a time for cool heads and a measured approach.  Airlines world-wide are reducing their size, some by more than 70%, while others fold completely. 


“We need to preserve what we can so that aviation can recover as soon as the conditions permit.  This includes keeping the door open to bringing our skilled pilots back.


“New Zealanders are enthusiastic travellers due to our topography and geographic isolation, and we know Kiwis are already looking forward to getting back in the air.  We must be planning for this.


“We need to work together now on innovative options for getting New Zealand up and flying again as soon as possible.


“When level 4 is lifted, and when it is safe to do so, Kiwis must get out flying. This is the best way to preserve jobs and the future of our industry and our members. Our economy depends on this.” 




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