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NZALPA Pilots Continue To Adhere To Health Ministry Rules At The New Zealand Border

19 August 2020

The New Zealand Air Line Pilot’s Association’s (NZALPA) members continue to abide by all departure and re-entry policies and procedures at the New Zealand border, set forward by the Ministry of Health, the association said today.  

“Ourselves and the airlines have been in continual dialogue with the Ministry on making the sure these rules are both safe and fit for purpose,”   


“As others have described it, Covid is a ‘tricky virus’ and there is no desire nor evidence of New Zealand’s pilots cutting any corners in regard to border policy,” said NZALPA President Captain Ridling, who returned last evening from a flight to Tonga.  


“As NZALPA outlined earlier this week, on both freight and passenger flights through to Asia, North America and Australia, our members endure very strict conditions, including constant confinement to hotel rooms and frequent Covid testing.   

“There appears to be plenty of misinformation being shared around conditions at the New Zealand border. The process around the New Zealand border operation can only be confirmed by those that know it well. Which include our pilots who are operating in this environment daily.

“This pandemic and its ramifications for all New Zealanders is changing daily and has required active and consistent management. Bearing this in mind we appreciate the support and leadership of Air New Zealand’s CEO Mr Greg Foran and the Health Minister Chris Hipkins have shown regarding the safety and security of New Zealand’s Pilots.


“They are managing a dynamic situation that nobody has seen before. 


“For the pilots who are overseas, and for their families back home this situation can be challenging. However, we are well aware of our duties and responsibilities as part of our service to New Zealand and our colleagues,” Captain Ridling said.   

“There is certainly little opportunity or any desire by our members to cut corners on flights to and from international destinations,”


“Our members take their roles and their responsibilities to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus extremely seriously and understand the enormity of consequence. Like all New Zealanders our pilots have no desire to risk exposure to Covid-19 for themselves, their families or the community.”


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