High Performance Engagement (HPE)

High Performance Engagement (HPE) is an agreement which has been entered between NZALPA and Air New Zealand.

The initiative is based on a trial period of up to two years subject to review by our Board of Management. HPE is an interest based problem solving (IBPS) approach and has been effective in other industries.

NZALPA has been successful in negotiating robust CEA's in the past in part because we have good advocates and a supportive membership but also because we are forward thinking. We will continue to use whatever means are necessary to ensure that your current CEA's are complied with and that your representatives negotiate the best CEA's they can.

Interest based problem solving simply gives us another tool to use in constructively resolving issues. Groups who have been using IBPS have stated that it takes a lot of time and energy and that both employer and employee representatives need to be trained.