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Negotiations update

Current and ongoing negotiations involving NZALPA are detailed below.
For any queries related to negotiations, please email office@nzalpa.org.nz

Jetconnect – Advocate Mark Dignan

The meeting scheduled for 26 April was cancelled at the last minute due to insufficient pilot negotiators being rostered by the Company to attend. The negotiating team is actively considering balloting the membership for their thoughts on industrial action. This would be unprecedented for this group of pilots and demonstrates the high levels of frustration felt at the lack of progress being made. Meetings have been scheduled to occur in May, and it is imperative that these days go ahead as planned and meaningful progress is made.

Air New Zealand – Advocate Adam Nicholson

A formal Notice of Initiation of Bargaining was given to Air NZ on 19 March. Air NZ and NZALPA have now reached a proposed settlement renewing the pilots Collective Agreement. The proposed settlement was presented to pilots and is currently up for ratification.

Air Traffic Control – Advocate Adam Nicolson

Air Traffic Controller negotiations with Airways Corporation were initiated on 7 February and seven days of negotiations have taken place so far..

Virgin Australia New Zealand – Advocate Adam Nicolson

Virgin Australia New Zealand negotiations will commence in July of this year. Planning is underway.

Air Freight – Advocate Tom Buckley

NZALPA’s bargaining team has met with Air Freight for two days of negotiations. The discussions were constructive. Bargaining will continue with another two days set down for later this month.

Massey School of Aviation – Advocate Tom Buckley

NZALPA has initiated bargaining. NZALPA has proposed dates, which are still to be confirmed with the employer.

Canterbury Aero Club – Advocate Tom Buckley

NZALPA has proposed dates to commence bargaining with Canterbury Aero Club to renew the current collective agreement. Prebargaining documents are currently being finalised.

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