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Aviation profits soar for airlines and New Zealand’s biggest airport

Air New Zealand has posted its second highest profit ever of $540 million, which will include Staff bonuses of up to $1,800 for all permanent employees who do not participate in a Short Term Incentive programme.

Chair Tony Carter also announced a third short term lease on widebody aircraft to “further assist with schedule reliability during ongoing maintenance requirements associated with the global Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine issues.”

The company also said it expects to invest around $150 million over the next four years in new cabin ‘experience’, digital products and airline lounges

Meanwhile, Australia’s national airline announced on the same day its own record underlying pre-tax profit of A$1.6 billion (NZ$1.75b)

To celebrate Qantas’ 14 per cent more profit on the previous year, the company also announced it would spend A$67 million (NZ$73.3m) in bonuses for its 27,000 non-executive staff.

Back on the ground Auckland International Airport Limited (AIAL) made August 23 a profit trifecta announcing its annual underlying profit, after tax, was up 6.2% to $263.1 million. It also quantified a number of its infrastructure investments including its $120 million, 12,240m2 extension of the international terminal Pier B and further investment in new roads, access ways and “dynamic management systems across our airport precinct to optimise the flow of traffic and transport around Auckland Airport.”

No word about whether AIAL would be also sharing the profits as bonuses for their non-executive staff.

Also owners of Queenstown Airport Limited, AIAL revealed passenger numbers over the last year, demonstrating the increasing growth of both airports.

Auckland Airport had a 5.7% increase with 20.5 million passengers passing through, while Queenstown Airport had 248,226, up by 13.1% on the previous year.

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