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Taxiway signage changes

The signage at runway-holding positions is being standardised. Here’s what you need to know.

The next time you’re taxiing at a New Zealand certificated aerodrome, the signs at the runway-holding position may look different.

That’s because after 31 July 2018, all certificated aerodromes without a parallel taxiway will have standardised runway-holding position signage. These signs are positioned before the entrance to a sealed runway. Changes will be reflected in AIP New Zealand.

Standardising signage will help to reduce runway incursions by increasing the situational awareness of taxiway users. This will be supported by air traffic services using common phrases when issuing instructions “to hold”.

The changes come under rule 139.51 Aerodrome design requirements that covers the transitional introduction of mandatory signs. This rule seeks to bring consistency to aerodrome layouts, and operations at aerodromes without parallel taxiways.

Taxiways will be identified sequentially, from A to Z, from one end of the aerodrome to the other. Runwayholding positions will be identified by a combination of the taxiway identification plus, if required, a number unique to that taxiway, starting from the main runway outwards with the number 1. The identifier, for example A1, should always denote the closest runway-holding position to the main runway on an airfield without a parallel taxiway.

Article from CAA Vector magazine July/August 2018 issue.


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