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Select committee report released on Employment Relations Act Amendments

Recommendations from the Select Committee have been released on the Employment Relations Amendment Bill. The Select Committee published its report, which is available on Parliament’s website, but at this stage their recommendations make very few changes to the original proposed Bill.

NZALPA made a written submission, and also an oral presentation to the Select Committee earlier this year, suggesting the proposed legislation should no longer exclude Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) from having mandatory rest and meal breaks.

Debate on this report and its recommendations will restart during its second parliamentary reading later this year.

In the interim NZALPA will continue its conversations, providing information to Members of Parliament across the House and expressing its opinion on the proposed legislation, and push for at least clarification of the status of ATC rest and meals breaks under the proposed wording of the Bill, before the next reading.

Further updates on progress will feature in upcoming Uplink editions.

ATC Staffing levels

NZALPA has recently expressed its views in the media regarding staffing levels at regional units.

As a result of a recent outburst on Twitter by the Minister of Police, NZALPA felt obligated to correct some facts, defend the member’s privacy and respond to the accusations.

The article can be found here. NZALPA believes provision of safe, reliable and uninterrupted services to customers and proper rest breaks for solo watch units as mentioned above, are linked to each other.

Further ATC staffing shortages have also been experienced on other sectors and units.

NZALPA’s ATC Council is aware of airspace closures, delays and re-routing of aircraft that is caused by these shortages, and the frustrations this may cause for our pilot members.

Additional costs are also incurred by the airline customers.

We have brought these issues to Airways’ attention and will continue to monitor the impact on our members who are doing their best to continue providing safe and efficient ATC services under somewhat difficult circumstances.

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