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Photos from the 2019 NZALPA Conference

Andrew Ridling speaks to his nomination of Keith Pattie for life membership.
Paul Rinaldi, President of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, the Hon Phil Twyford and Kelvin Vercoe, ATC Director.
Louise Pole, President of the Australian Federation of Pilots, 
addresses the Conference.
Keith Pattie, with friends and family, watches a slideshow in honour of his life membership.
Life membership recipient Keith Pattie speaks to the Conference.
Life membership recipient Keith Pattie with his wife Barbara.
Outgoing President Tim Robinson, life membership recipient Keith Pattie and incoming President Andrew Ridling.
Desmond Lines, recepient of the Greg Vujcich Memorial Award for excellence in flight instruction.
Greg Vujcich Memorial Award recipient Desmond Lines and Joan Vujcich.
Hon Phil Twyford, outgoing President Tim Robinson, Technical Director Hugh Faris and Senior Technical Officer Dave Reynolds.
Medical and Welfare Director Andy Pender, Stewart Cameron Memorial Award recipient Mark Mehlhopt and Deborah Cameron. This award is for excellence in peer support.
Outgoing President Tim Robinson, Hon Phil Twyford and incoming President Andrew Ridling at morning tea.
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